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Willys Jeep: Operation Porkchop

March 22, 2016 1 comment
The Hoarde

75% of The Horde

You ever see those makeover shows where a team of highly capable people come and work on a project that turn out to be real before-and-after showstoppers? Shows like Overhaulin’, and such. This past weekend, I had my own version of the “A-Team” show up and put Porkchop into working order. And it was jaw-dropping – not to mention humbling – to be a part of it.

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Willys Jeep: Porkchop on Fire?

February 11, 2016 3 comments

Wait, is that smoke? It looks like smoke. Good grief, is Porkchop on fire!?

At garage 013

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Willys Jeep: Porkchop’s Undercarriage Makeover

October 25, 2014 3 comments

Here in SillyCon Valley, a rainy day is a rare occurrence, so where I would normally be out working on Porkchop or Badger I needed to find alternate Jeep-related activities. Since I have left the blogging updates for too long, I decided to take the opportunity and try to catch up on some of the work I’ve been doing on Porkchop, and also update what I intend to do next.

When I reassembled the axles and frame for Badger, I put together a video of the process, and it seemed the people liked it. So, I’ve put together a short video (just under 3 minutes) to show some of the work that has been done for those who just want to get to the “good stuff.” If you’re curious about the rest of the story, read on below.

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Willys Jeep: Porkchop Suspension and Trailer (pictorial)

October 6, 2014 1 comment

I’ve been falling behind in my reports of progress. The good news is that instead of writing about working on the Jeeps, I’ve actually been working on the Jeeps. Here is a pictorial of some of the progress that I’ve made most recently (given the lack of updates, some additional progress may be visible in the photos).

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Willys Jeep: Porkchop’s Clutch Arm Problem

April 25, 2014 6 comments
Problem area

Problem area

This is a quick and dirty post to describe a particular problem that I’m having.

Part of what I have to do when replacing the master cylinder (that is, converting it to a dual master cylinder (MC) from the original single reservoir, making it safer) on the M38A1 (affectionately named Porkchop) is disassemble the pedal assembly bracket and modify it a bit so that the new MC can fit onto the frame.

I’ll likely revise this post in the future to describe what that process has been like, but I need to ask a question right now and see if anyone knows the answer to it. Read more…

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Willys Jeep: Calm Before The Storm

April 19, 2014 4 comments

It all started so well this morning. A beautiful day, sunny and cool. I had finally gotten the right tools (after my third trip to Home Depot and another one to Sears) to fix the problems that I couldn’t get to last week.

Photo Credit: Christopher Foley

Photo Credit: Christopher Foley

I started off working on Honey Badger, trying my hand at my first-ever tap in order to get the frame ready to accept a screw, and it worked! Encouraged, I decided to tackle the pedal brake assembly. And that worked too!

Could I finally, finally be getting the hang of this? Could maybe, perhaps, some real progress get done today?

As it turns out, no. No it could not.

This post is not about that frustration, though. This post is about how you can get small feelings of minor accomplishment that can raise your hope that maybe, just maybe, you’re on the right track – just before that “one more thing” comes and tears it all down again.

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Willys Jeep: Ballad of Porkchop’s Brakes

November 29, 2013 12 comments

Not surprisingly, Porkchop needs new brakes. All of them. Front brakes, rear brakes, parking brake, brake lines, master cylinder, everything. So, I went ahead and bought everything I needed for a complete rip-and-replacement of all the brake parts I need.

So pretty... so pretty...

So pretty… so pretty…

With that, I got ready to get to work. Read more…

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