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Willys Jeep: Badger Engine and Steering Improvements (Pictorial)

February 23, 2015 2 comments
Parts is Parts!

Parts is Parts!

If you’ve been reading up on my work on the Jeeps so far, you’ll know that I love before/after pictures. It makes me all warm and goose-pimply when a lot of hard work can be seen at a glance. Sometimes, however, it also is just a reminder that some patience and hard work will actually pay off.

Today’s edition of before-and-after photos comes to you courtesy of nearly 3 years (almost exactly – the original photos were taken in March, 2012) of some of the most pedantic processes I’ve ever undertaken. But, assuming that I haven’t screwed anything up in doing what I did, I like the way the end result came out.  Read more…

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Willys Jeep: One Tough S.O.B. (Steering On Badger)

January 17, 2015 1 comment

Today was the first day in a long time that I’ve 1) been home and 2) the weather has been nice enough to actually get some work done on Honey Badger. Over the New Year break I had managed to get some new parts and tools to help get some work done on the civilian Jeep and I’ve been itching to make some progress.

Key phrase: “some.” Read more…

Willys Jeep: Axle and Frame Reassembly

May 12, 2014 2 comments

For much of this project there has been a lot of “one step forward, two steps back,” especially when it comes to things like brakes and suspension for Porkchop. My exasperation was mitigated a bit, however, when I made some excellent progress within a two weeks time with the help of my wife and a friend. In the short video below (no audio), you’ll see as we carefully reassembled the axles to the wheels, and then the axle assembly to Badger’s frame.

All in all, progress is a very satisfying motivation. As usual, there are before/after shots too.

Willys Jeep: Quick and Dirty Axle Before-and-After


4002fae2e65d57bdc33cf21c97631e69_largeI don’t have a lot of time, so this is going to be a pure photo extravaganza. Just brought the Badger’s axles back from the restorers. Due to time constraints I haven’t even had the chance to take them off the trailer yet. I’ll write more about that later. For now, though, here are the comparisons for the axles after they’ve been restored, powder-coated. This is only the rear axle, but I’ll take pictures of the front soon. Read more…

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Willys Jeep: Calm Before The Storm

April 19, 2014 4 comments

It all started so well this morning. A beautiful day, sunny and cool. I had finally gotten the right tools (after my third trip to Home Depot and another one to Sears) to fix the problems that I couldn’t get to last week.

Photo Credit: Christopher Foley

Photo Credit: Christopher Foley

I started off working on Honey Badger, trying my hand at my first-ever tap in order to get the frame ready to accept a screw, and it worked! Encouraged, I decided to tackle the pedal brake assembly. And that worked too!

Could I finally, finally be getting the hang of this? Could maybe, perhaps, some real progress get done today?

As it turns out, no. No it could not.

This post is not about that frustration, though. This post is about how you can get small feelings of minor accomplishment that can raise your hope that maybe, just maybe, you’re on the right track – just before that “one more thing” comes and tears it all down again.

Read more…

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Willys Jeep: Rims and Tires for the Badger

April 12, 2014 2 comments

Just a quick photo update for some stuff. I am so severely backlogged on the blogging that I just need to put something up here to show myself that progress is actually being made.

Pre-Cleaned Rims Read more…

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Willys Jeep: The Frame, Before & After (Photos)

July 26, 2013 2 comments

As promised in my earlier post, here are the before and after photos. I tried to figure out a way to do this so that the comparison was easy to see, but I didn’t have the time to do anything too special. Thankfully there are online animated gif programs. I hope this works the way I wanted it to. This is going to be a photo blog, with very few (if any) commentary.

I’ll only say this: there are a lot of comparison photos here. Mostly this is for me, actually, because each photo represents some part of the process that has a specific memory or problem that was overcome at some point. For that reason, perhaps you can forgive the self-indulgence. 🙂

WordPress is doing something rather interesting. Each image is an animated gif of before and after (or sometimes, before-during-after), but is only showing the first/oldest image. If you want to see what it looks like now, simply click on the image (my apologies for all the clicking). I guess that’s what tabs are for…
Read more…

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