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The Joys of Sony PS4 Customer Service

September 8, 2015 3 comments
Awesome game!

Awesome game!

Back in April I bought a PlayStation 4, having held off for a while to see if the prices would come down. At that time, there was a rare sale on Amazon and I thought I’d bite the bullet. After all, I had already bought The Last of Us and was dying to play the game anyway.

While I was actually able to play the game, the PS4 has given me nothing but trouble otherwise. Immediately I got hit with the dreaded “Error CE-32889-0” which prevented me from playing the very last chapter of Metro: Last Light, crashing upon startup every time, and teasing me with letting me play a minute-and-a-half of Assassin’s Creed: Unity before throwing up the error and kicking me back to the dashboard.

Worse, the controllers suck. Unlike the XBox (I have a 360, not a XBox One) or PS3, where a controller can last for up to 8 hours, the PS4 controllers died after 45 minutes out of the box. Both of them (I got the PS4 bundle with two controllers). Slowly, but steadily, they began to lose their charges even more, eventually getting to the point where they would only work while plugged in (note, this was after only two months of use!)

Eventually, the PS4 became unusable, and then the controllers wouldn’t even turn on. Doing a hard reset on the controllers didn’t help. So, I turned to Sony Customer Support for help. Read more…


Cagematch: Synology vs. Drobo

June 26, 2012 22 comments

This post is a long time coming and is extremely overdue. The only reason why I am finally getting off my rump and writing something is because today I was forwarded an open letter, “mea culpa” article written by Tom Buiocchi, CEO of Drobo on Scott Kelby’s site.

Now, I only got the link to Mr. Buiocchi’s response, and I have no desire to read through Scott’s initial problems with his Drobo. Unfair? Possibly, but I think that it’s unimportant to the story aside from the fact that 1) it caused a response and 2) it sounds like Scott was extremely frustrated.

Boy, can I sympathize. Read more…

Corporate Surprise

December 21, 2009 Leave a comment

Originally published 7/26/2002.

In the face of corporate scandals such as Enron, Global Crossing, and now WorldCom, very few companies seem to be getting good press. Let me explain to you why I have become an Adobe customer for life. Read more…

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