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Rant: Diabetic Insulin Pumps, A Giant Leap Backwards

December 18, 2015 3 comments

no-deliveryI’m a diabetic. Unlike some people who seem to take great pleasure in identifying themselves and building personal brands as diabetics, I don’t like talking about my diabetes. For more than 30 years I’ve worked hard to minimize others’ association between myself and the disease, hopefully with a modicum of success.

I’m going to step outside myself this once to indulge in a rant about the state of diabetic care when it comes to pump therapy. This may come off as too long, too angry, and too frustrated to many people, so let me get the too-long/didn’t-read out of the way first (allow me to adjust my tinfoil hat for the moment):

TL;DR: Companies who create diabetic therapy devices and treatments do not want diabetics to get healthy or, especially, find a cure. They want to create long-term dependencies and actively make treatment more difficult over time to ensure that outcome benefits them, not the patients.

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