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Deeply Disturbing – The Troll or The Terrorist

September 27, 2012 1 comment

Yesterday a blog post came across my Twitter stream from Leo Traynor, an Irish writer who blogged about why he left Twitter (and subsequently came back). The story, entitled “Meeting a Troll…“, is deeply, deeply disturbing and horrific. I read this blog post and felt physically ill for hours at the depth of depravity and darkest human psyche and motivations.

Mr. Traynor (and his family) were victims of a vicious anonymous attack that began on social media and then extended to physical threats at his house. The true tragedy, though, is that while the situation was resolved, it certainly is not a happy ending.

Go read it, and then come back, for nothing I say beyond this point will make sense (or have as much of an impact) unless you hear his story in his own words. Read more…


From Products to Strategy, a Journey of a Single Step

September 19, 2012 4 comments

It’s hard to believe I’ve only been at Cisco for a little more than 2 years. At some companies, that may be considered to be the “long-toothed veteran,” but at Cisco it’s still a blink of an eye. During that time I’ve been doing a lot of work on FCoE in the storage team of fantastic individuals, but the time has come to try my hand at something else. Read more…

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Willys Jeep: We Missed a Bolt!?

September 4, 2012 Leave a comment

If you’ve been following along the trials and tribulations of the Willys Jeep saga, you’ve probably read (with some amusement) about some of the things that have made this project interesting – including my ongoing exploration of the depths of my automotive ignorance as well as the discovery of the addiction to tools.

This past weekend I hit a major milestone (in my head, anyway) and as a result I can’t help but do a little reflecting on the project so far.

But first, progress! Read more…

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